Mocktology Syrups

Expertly blended syrups with a story awaiting to be told in every flavour.

100% alcohol free.

Suitable for vegetarians.
Summer cocktails or mocktails

Mocktology Syrups

Our expertly blended syrups are intensely flavoured and uniquely crafted, to create a revolutionary drinking experience that will awaken your mood and revive your senses.

Whether it’s unwinding on a tropical island paradise or amidst the tranquillity of the serene English countryside, each flavour unleashes a captivating moment.

Creating an authentic mocktail is effortless with one of our blends. A few steps is all it takes to construct your perfect drink, simply add Mocktology Syrups to your favourite mixer, garnish and enjoy!

Mocktology syrups are also versatile to flavour your foods and desserts, try drizzling one of our blends over your warm waffle or cold ice-cream. Pure indulgence!

Come and relive your Mocktology moment and join us in this incredible journey.

Come and explore Mocktology

Expertly blended syrups with a story awaiting to be told in every flavour​

Mint and Lemon
Flavoured Syrup

Flavoured Syrup

Strawberries & Cream
Flavoured Syrup

Blueberry & Raspberry
Flavoured Syrup

Tropical Fruits
Flavoured Syrup

Oliver B.

Mocktology syrups truly capture the imagination. As someone who doesn’t drink I find their commitment to 100% alcohol-free and perfectly blended concoctions most impressive. Their Sunset Bay flavour takes me on an island adventure without ever leaving my home - a veritable cornucopia of tropical fruits dancing on the palate. It's the closest thing to a holiday in a glass!

Amelia R.

I'm absolutely smitten with Mocktology’s Cherry on Top! The tantalising taste of glamorous red cherries is an absolute show-stopper. It's rich, indulgent, and encapsulates the very essence of life's precious moments. It's the perfect centrepiece for a dazzling mocktail, and a rather delicious drizzle on my ice cream sundae.

George L.

Mocktology syrups are nothing short of a revelation for mocktail enthusiasts. The expertly curated blends, each weaving its unique story, invite you on a journey of exquisite taste. Whether for an unwinding evening or a sun-drenched garden party, Mocktology has got you covered. It's safe to say that these flavours have truly revolutionised my drinks cabinet!

    Two blue cocktail with ice and lavender on a tray in a garden