It all started at the fair....

Our Story

One sunny afternoon, a little boy with shiny locks and rosy cheeks approached the vibrantly decorated stall marked My Mini Mocktail, handing over a shiny coin he said “ The fizzy cherry one please”.

In the lush pastures of Harrow, an exciting display of handcrafted mocktails had stolen the show. Luscious tasting drinks with a unique flavour, adorned with edible embellishments – sugar coated candy and jellies. The eager crowds young and old kept coming for more, yearning to try a different concoction from the delightful menu that had been curated especially for the school’s Summer fair. The mocktails became a hit, selling out instantly.

That evening, two best friends caught up with the events of their day, thereafter a combination of creative charm and scientific magic lead to the creation of Mocktology. The dynamic duo wanted to revolutionise the drinking experience and bring life to their mocktails. Mocktology syrups were created to take you on a sensory journey where you are left to reminisce the past, savour the present, and create memories for the future.